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Today we would like to introduce you to Mélanie Zemp, our Business Intelligence specialist. Mélanie joined the Bonebridge team as an intern in December 2021, shortly after completing a B.Sc. degree in Health Sciences and Technology at ETH in Switzerland.

Based on her performance, when the internship came to an end, Mélanie was offered a position as a Business Intelligence specialist and presently works in this role part-time in addition to pursuing a Master in Biomedical Engineering with a track in Biomechanics at ETH.

Mélanie grew up in the Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland in a lovely small village called Wolhusen. When it was time for university, she relocated to Zurich and was able to share a home with two high-school friends. “The three of us still live together today. We always have a good time together and complement each other perfectly,” she states. At the start of Mélanie’s journey at Bonebridge, she asserted her interest to be exposed to different areas of the business. “I’m grateful to have landed a position here, since I don’t know many others who get to work in a start-up environment. I have been immersed into different projects that have allowed me to gain insights into different functions of the business. So far, I have worked with colleagues in Product Development, Quality Management, Clinical Affairs, and even Finance. This wouldn’t have been possible at a large multinational organization,” Mélanie explains.

Mélanie has always been very interested in subjects like anatomy, medicine, and natural sciences. Now that she has dipped her toes into the world of medical devices, she is convinced that a future in this field looks promising to her. “At present, research and development seems to be a suitable career pathway for me. I like the idea of finding solutions to problems. It has been interesting to learn the product development process here at Bonebridge. The first part requires gaining a deep level of understanding of the surgeon’s requirements. Then, there is the process of solution building, which requires creativity and technical skills. Next, the prototypes are tested through biomechanical studies in the lab, as well as usability testing the cadaveric setting. Once approved and marketed, feedback is received from its use in the clinical setting — where they are treating people. I find this entire process very interesting. The time as an intern really helped to narrow down the area I wanted to focus on for my Master’s degree.”

Mélanie spends her free time outside of work and study with music and sports. “I have played the clarinet since I was eight years old and have always been involved in music societies,” she shares. “I have been a member of the National Jugendblasorchester for the last seven years. This is an orchestra at national level, and we perform at a number of concerts throughout the year. We also spend a week at summer camp practicing together before the shows, which is something I really enjoy. Additionally, I joined the Jugenblasorchester Luzern in 2017, where I practice once a week. This involves a yearly program where we practice for events and participate in competitions, such as the Jugendmusikfest, where all the orchestras in the Canton play against each other. To be a member of such orchestras, one has to first complete the competitive application process and be accepted. I am very pleased to be involved, as it satisfies my love for music.”

Shortly before joining Bonebridge, Mélanie went to Hawaii. “I went surfing, hiking, skydiving, and even diving with sharks. I had the absolute best time there. Hiking in the tropics is a completely different experience compared to hiking in Switzerland. Everything is muddy, and you need ropes to get up those muddy hills. I also decided to take some Muay Thai classes in Honolulu.” Now she practices Muay Thai every week in Switzerland and finds it a good way to achieve physical and mental balance after working at the desk all day. “I like practicing body control, precision, and the technique. It’s quite an intense sport, so it’s a great way to keep fit,” Mélanie states. The free time she has remaining is spent doing things that keep her connected to her friends and family. Whether it be picnics by the lake or social gatherings in the city — Mélanie enjoys a combination of social and relaxing activities.

If you would like to get in touch with Mélanie, feel free to send her an e-mail to melanie.zemp@bonebridge.ch

Mélanie performing with the National Jugendblasorchester

Mélanie performing with the National Jugendblasorchester